Expected Timeline of the Offering



Offering PeriodBegins on Sunday 25/12/1443H (corresponding to 24/07/2022G) and continues until Thursday 29/12/1443H (corresponding to 28/07/2022G).
Last date for submission Subscription Applications and payment of the full value of the subscribed sharesOn Thursday 29/12/1443H (corresponding to 28/07/2022G)
Announcement of final Allocation of the Offer Shares and notifying InvestorsOn Tuesday 04/01/1444H (corresponding to 02/08/2022G)
Refund of Surplus Amounts (if any)On Thursday 06/01/1444H (corresponding to 04/08/2022G)
Expected starting date of trading of the SharesIt is expected that The Company’s shares will start trading in the Parallel Market after all the requirements are met and all related regulatory procedures are completed. The start of trading in the shares will be announced in the local newspapers and on Tadawul’s website www.saudiexchange.sa.


All dates mentioned in the above Timetable are approximate, and the actual dates will be announced on Tadawul’s website www.saudiexchange.sa the Financial Advisor’s website www.aldukheil.com.sa and the Company’s website www.saudinetworkers.com.