Qualified Investors & Subscription Method

The Offering is restricted to the Qualified Investors that are eligible to trade in the parallel market. Qualified Investors are:

  1. Capital Market Institutions acting for their own account.
  2. Clients of a Capital Market Institution by the Authority to conduct managing activities provided that this Capital Market Institution has been appointed as an investment manager on terms that enable it to make decisions concerning the acceptance of an offer and investment in the Parallel Market on the client’s behalf without obtaining prior approval from the client.
  3. The Government of the Kingdom, any government body, any supranational authority recognized by the Authority or the Exchange, and any other stock exchange recognized by the Authority or the Securities Depository Center.
  4. Government-owned companies, either directly or through a portfolio managed by a Capital Market Institution authorized to carry out managing activities.
  5. Companies and funds established in a member state of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf.
  6. Investment Funds.
  7. Non-resident foreigners permitted to invest in the parallel market and who meet the requirements stipulated in the Guidance Note for the investment of Non-Resident Foreigners in the Parallel Market.
  8. Qualified foreign financial institutions.
  9. Any other legal persons are allowed to open an investment account in the Kingdom and an account at the Depositary Center.
  10. Natural persons are allowed to open an investment account in the Kingdom and an account at the Depositary Center, and fulfill any of the following criteria:
    1. Has conducted transactions in security markets of not less than 40 million Saudi riyals in total, and not less than ten transactions in each quarter during the last twelve months.
    2. His net assets are not less than 5 million Saudi Riyals.
    3. Works or has worked for at least three years in the financial sector.
    4. Holds the General Securities Qualification Certificate which is recognized by the Authority.
    5. Holds a professional certificate that is related to securities business and accredited by an internationally recognized entity.
  11. Any other persons prescribed by the Authority.

The Offering Will be Available to Qualified Investors Electronically During the Offering Period for the Lead Manager’s (Derayah Financial Company) Clients Through Their Investment Accounts with Derayah