Saudi Networkers Services is pleased to inform that Capital Market Authority (CMA) Announces the Approval

As per the Stock Exchange approval on 07/06/1443H (corresponding to 10/01/2022G) to the listing of Saudi Networkers Services Company (the “Company”) shares on the Parallel Market “Nomu”, and the Capital Market Authority approval on 08/11/1443H (corresponding to 07/06/2022G) to the Initial Public Offering of the Company’s shares on the Parallel Market “Nomu”, the financial advisor “Aldukheil Financial Group” announces the intention of the Company to offer (1,500,000) ordinary shares representing (25%) of the Company’s shares (the “Offering”), and the listing of the Company’s shares on the Parallel Market. The Offer Price will be determined before the Subscription Period which will begin on Sunday 25/12/1443H (corresponding to 24/07/2022G) and will end on Thursday 29/12/1443H (corresponding to 28/07/2022G).